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We can provide the most complete, thorough and efficient tools available for death related research. The Insurance industry uses our services to maintain their lists, verify deaths, get valuable information about survivors, and view Cities and States of residence. We add over 7,000 new digitized records to the Obituary Database every day. You can get official death confirmation and background information in one efficient place.

If your organization is relying ONLY on Social Security for Death Audit Research, then you are not doing enough.

Typical uses of in the Insurance Industry include:
  • Death Verification
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Client Cleanup
  • Death Research
  • Account Collections

Popular Services in Your Industry provides several efficient, economical services to use its unique database.

It is the best resource for any organization that has a file of "people" and relies on who, among them, is dead or alive and who and where they were.

  Self Search Subscription

The Self Search Subscription is one of our most popular services for Insurance organizations.  This service allows you to login to our website at any time from any device and search our Obituary Database.

There are no additional license fees per user. Multiple users can be logged in and search simultaneously, making this an extremely efficient tool for your office!

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Types of Insurance Clients
Claims Investigation
Insurance Service
Life Insurance
Property/Casualty Insurance

  List Management Services

There is no better way to clean up and maintain your lists of policy holders and other names than by running that list through our Obituary Database for possible matches. 

Our fully automated and secure List Match or Monitor service allows you to submit an Excel file with your list of names.  It is then run against our database and gives you matches on:

Obituary Database

- First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth
- First Name, Last Name, City, State
- First Name, Last Name, State

Our system also uses  "fuzzy logic" matches to ensure that you receive all possible matches.

After cleaning your original list, you can maintain it by subscribing to our List Monitoring service. You can add or remove names between runs. List Monitor ensures you receive matches as soon as possible!

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Data Export and API

Looking for a more streamlined and customizable way to integrate search results and records from our Obituary Database into your system?

Our Data Export service gives you a daily or weekly download of all fields (excluding the obituary text) from records added or edited in our database. You can then import this data into your own system for matching, reporting etc.

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Our API service allows you to send over XML search requests. All search results will be returned in XML format as well.  This is an ideal service for performing periodic searches of your list against our database and integrating the results right back into your system for easy analysis.

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