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keyword-search-obituaries Keyword Search Subscription

The Keyword Search Subscription is designed for organizations that are likely to be named in the Obituaries of their Members, Constituents, and Supporters.

It allows the organization's users to have unlimited, anytime ability to search the Obituary Database using the organization's name(s) as Keywords.  Other criteria such as Last Name, State of Residence, etc. may also be used to refine results.

All Keyword subscribers receive a Keyword Report by email every week.  This service automatically scans and reports all new death records for any that include the Keywords that the subscriber has selected. For report purposes, subscribers may use only Keywords that are related to identifying the Subscriber Organization and there is a 512 character limit for a set of Keywords.

Subscribers are divided into two categories:

Member Based Organizations - This category includes organizations that know the size range and the names of their members and that expect a high percentage of those members to include a reference to the organization in their Obituaries. They include Alumni and Development offices of Educational Institutions, Clubs, Fraternities, Sororities, etc. Their primary Keyword(s) will be the Name(s) of the Organization as commonly used, i.e. “Atlantic Coast University”, ACU, Lions etc. The service allows easy, current identification of deceased constituents along with background information of interest. There are currently over 500 Educational Institutions that have subscribed to this service for over 10 years.

Non-Member Based or Open Organizations - This category is limited to non-profit organizations of an unknown size and undefined supporters that do not maintain membership lists. They include groups such as Military Branches, Veterans Groups, Charities, Healthcare Organizations, Foundations, Zoos, Museums, Libraries, Animal Shelters, Hospices, Symphonies, Orchestras, and Religious organizations.
What is a Keyword?

"Keywords" are words or phrases that are commonly used to identify an organization, university, institution or subject of interest that are likely to be included in an Obituary

Details for Keyword Search Subscriptions
 Databases Available

    - Exclusive Obituary Database

 Annual Agreement

    - Membership Fee - Based on Organization Type and Size
    - Charge Per Search - None!

 Search Results

    - List of Matching Records "Linked" to the Full Obituary
    - Keywords are highlighted in each obituary for easy viewing
    - Limit 200 Results Per Search
 Search Criteria Can Include the Following:

    - Keywords (Customized to your Organization)
    - Last Name (Last Name or State Required to search)
    - First Name
    - Middle Initial
    - City of Residence
    - State of Residence (Last Name or State Required to search)
    - Date of Birth Range
    - Date of Death Range
    - Date of Entry Range