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History is a subsidiary of American Family Archives & Chronicles, Inc. and was launched March 1, 2000 as

Our Obituary collection history and coverage is approximately as follows:

  • March 2000 to May 2002, approximately 1,000,000 Obituaries - 20% of all US Records

  • May 2002 to May 2003, approximately 2,000,000 Obituaries -80% of all US Records

  • May 2003 to Present, over 38,000,000 Obituaries - 95% of all US Records


Our objective is to maximize our collections and to maintain a level of 95% or better. We are continually upgrading our offerings, data collection and search & reporting systems.


The Data

Our Obituaries are digitized for easy and accurate searching and are permanently Archived, ensuring access to records you can't find anywhere else.

Sources include online newspapers, funeral homes, online memorials, direct submissions and more.

Current Obituaries are added every single day.

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Additional Details
Exclusive ObituaryData Database Social Security Death Master File (SSDMF)
Over 41 Million Records
(beginning year 2000)
Over 98 Million Records
(beginning year 1960)
Records Added Daily N/A
Approx. 55,000 New Records Each Week Approx. 15,000 New Records Each Week
Over 2.8 Million Records Added in 2018 1.5 Million Records Added in 2018
Name, Date of Death, Date of Birth, Age,
City, State, Full Obituary
Name, Date of Death, Date of Birth, SSN