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export-obituaries Data Export

The ObituaryData Master File contains over 41 million published Death Notices and Obituaries that have been collected, digitized and archived since 2000 to Date. These records include, as data fields: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Suffix, City, State, Date of Death, Date of Birth, Age, and Death Notice ID. Not all records include all of the fields.

The file is available on a renewable "Single User" Annual Licensing Agreement to organizations for both Internal use and to third party Service Providers. The intended use must be approved by and will be detailed in the Licensing Agreement.

Access to the Full Obituary Text is available to all customers through a secure "one-click" request portal.


Details for Data Export

Current Data

Weekly exports will begin the first Sunday following the day the order is placed while Daily exports will begin the first weekday following the day the order is placed. Pricing is based on our historical collection of approximately 225,000 unique obituaries per month. Two files will be delivered via SFTP each week for downloading. These two files include new records added to the database and records edited in the database for the past week.
See Pricing Calculator to clarify.

Archive Data

All Archived Data, dating back to 2002, is available for purchase as well. See the table below for a breakdown of records for this period:
Years Annual Records Total Records
2000 to 2004 850,000* 3,500,000*
2005 to Today 2,700,000* 37,500,000*
*Approximate - Minimum Unique Records & Includes Current Calendar Year

Click Here to view a sample export file.

 Data Transfer

    - Pipe Delimited Text Delimited File
    - SFTP/SSH Transfer

 Annual Licensing Agreement

    - Monthly Payment Option
    - Option to Receive All Archive Data

 Commitment Level

    - Choose a 2 year commitment level for big discounts

  Full Obituary Text

Accessible using Death Notice ID
 Each Record Contains These Possible Fields:

    - Last Name (100% Populated)
    - First Name (100% Populated)
    - Middle Initial (75% Populated)
    - City of Residence (100% Populated)
    - State of Residence (100% Populated)
    - Date of Birth (78% Populated)
    - Date of Death (100% Populated)
    - Age (90% Populated)
- Suffix (Limited Populated)
    - Death Notice ID (100% Populated)