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search-obituaries Self Search Subscription

The Self Search Subscription grants access to search our exclusive Obituary Database through our web search portal. Subscribers can simply log in to our web portal and search the database any time!

This service is ideal for verification of deaths, finding beneficiaries, background checks and other research.

Also available as an add-on is the ability to Keyword search Obituary text for specific words such as survivor or beneficiary names, organizations, employment history and more.

Users include: Genealogists, Banks, Insurance Companies, Medical Research Centers, Attorneys, Credit and Collection Agencies, Unclaimed Funds, Charities, Museums and more.

Member based organizations of definable size are not eligible for this subscription. For those organizations we offer the Keyword Subscription Service.


Details for Self Search Subscriptions
 Databases Available

    - Exclusive Obituary Database

 Annual Agreement

    - Membership Fee - $30/month - Billed Quarterly in Advance
    - Charge Per Search - $0.10/search - Billed Quarterly in Arrears

 Search Results

    - List of Matching Records "Linked" to the Full Obituary
    - 100 Results Per Search
 Search Criteria Can Include the Following:

    - Last Name (Last Name or State Required to search)
    - First Name
    - Middle Initial
    - City of Residence
    - State of Residence (Last Name or State Required to search)
    - Date of Birth Range
    - Date of Death Range
    - Date of Entry Range
    - Keywords in Obituaries (optional add-on)